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Zombies vs. Plants is a unique game created by some idiot.

Overview and Story

ZvP takes the main series games and flips the whole concept upside down. Literally. Dr. Zomboss has taken over Suburbia, and is in pursuit of the worlds tastiest brain. He makes a brain detector to find it, but now you must defend it from the invading plants. But why are they trying to stop it?


Day- Like the day stages from pvz. Brains somehow fall from the sky.

Night- Guards are cheap, so use them because brains don't fall during night shifts!

Streets- Zomboss has located the tastiest brain! We must get across the streets of Zomburbia to reach it! Potholes need Bot Pots to be placed on.

Battleground- Huge waves of plants here are even bigger! But zombies can come in to help!

Battleground (Night)- Same as the former, but at night.

Plant Grounds- More plants here! Watch your back! Sometimes shooting plants appear.

Tree of Wisdom- The brain leads to the top of the tree! Some bosses return here!

Plant Secret Base- the final area. The brain belongs to Crazy Dave, but he's not goin down without a fight.


Picture Name Description Brain Cost Toughness Damage Recharge
Blaster Bot Zomblasters are your first line of defense. They fire lasers at incoming plants. 100




(6.5 seconds)

Brain Creator
Brain Bot Takes in Zombie Fog and creates brains out of it. 50 6ndh N/A


(4 seconds)

Bomb Bot Goes up to a group of plants, and lobs it's explosive head, killing them. 150 10ndh 75nds


(90 seconds)

Barricade Bot
Barricade Bot Defends bots behind them. 50 72ndh N/A


(45 seconds)

Proximity Sonic Mine PMSs stun plants and damage them slightly. 25 6ndh 20ndb


(27.5 seconds)

AC Bot Blows weak, damaging winds at zombies and slows them wayyyyyy down. 125 6ndh 0.5nds Quick
Sniper Bot Puts a reticle on a plant, and fires at it with a strong shot. Useful against slow zombies. 225 6ndh 3 nds Medicore
Roller Bot A fast, mobile bot that can tackle into plants. 150 6ndh 8nds Quick
Breaker Bot Throws short-ranged hammers. Slow but strong, and can break armour and weapons easily,. 200 10ndh


(7nds on armour)

Laser Guard Fires lasers at a short range. Cheap for the night. Guards sleep at day. 0 4ndh 1nds Swift
Brain Guard Creates small brains and then makes big brains overtime. 25 6ndh N/A Swift
Spark Guard Fires a ray of electric that passes through shields and other plants. 75 6ndh 1nds Quick
Necro Bot Creates browncoat zombies. Some have roadcones. 50 10ndh N/A Mediocre
Hide-n'-Shoot Guard Can shoot any plant on the field, but retreats to their defensive shell when a plants is in a 5x5 radius from it. 50 15ndh 1nds Quick
Dr. Heals Heals bots with a spray. 75 6ndh N/A Quick
Support Guard Improves the powers of Guards. 50 6ndh N/A Mediocre
Captain Guard Creates laser guardsat will. Shoots lasers too. 100 6ndh 1nds Sluggish
Uplink Bot Fires a huge laser into the sky. It crashes onto plants. 200 6ndh 10nds Sluggish



Name Description Toughness Damage Speed
Weed Basic dead lawn variety weed. 10nds 1ndh Basic
Flag Weed Calls in a huge wave of plants. 10nds 1ndh Hungry
Pumkinhead Weed Carries the top of a pumpkin for defense. 30nds 1ndh Basic
Stick Whacker This bush carries a stick as a weapon. Safe for the kids? 12nds 2ndh Basic
Terracotta Weed Has high protection with that plant pot on his noggin. Hates being called a pothead. 55nds 1ndh Basic
Gardener Weed This weed had seeds and trowels! He can plant peashooters AND wall-nuts. 15nds 1.5ndh Basic


Agent Citron

The first boss. Generates shields, fires lasers, and rolls into a ball for offense and defense. 1200nds

Lasers: 6ndh

Ball Ram: 100ndh

Night Crawler
Night Crawler Oh, a mushroom that's fast in dark. Not too bad. Oh it's edgy? NOOOOO 10nds 1ndh


Speedy (night)

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