This mini-game is a harder version of Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick.

Get ready! This has 4 flags and a lot of zombies.

Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick 2
Coming Soon!
Created by An Unregistered contributor
Setting Pool
Variation Fast-paced normal level
Difficulty Hard

Avaliable Plants

Here and here.

Availiable Zombies



Ducky Tube Zombie

Pole Vaulting Zombie


Conehead Zombie

Pogo Zombie

Ninja Zombie

Dolphin Rider Zombie

Beautiful Zombie


Soldier Zombie

Buckethead Zombie

Screen Door Zombie

Newspaper Zombie

Ninja General

Very Rare

Bungee Zombie

Suicide Zombie

Football Zombie

Ninja Assassin

Extremely Rare

Gargantuar Angered Gargantuar

Every Flag

Flag Zombie

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