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Zombie Magnet
Zombie Magnet
Created by Plant lover




100 (+100) Sun.


Yes (Magnet-shroom).


6 Normal Damage Bites.

A Magnet-shroom that can attract every kind of Headwears, Shields, Projectiles from Zombies and Weapons (even Gargantuar's Weapon) and not only Metals. After it attracts something except Projectiles from Zombies, you must wait for 1 minute until it could attract again. If it is a Projectile from Zombie, you must wait for 15 Seconds if small (example:Pea, etc), 35 Seconds if bigger projectiles (example:Melon) until it could attract again. If it attract Bombs, the Bomb will not explode but it will disappear.


Absorbs 6 Normal Damage Bites.

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