The Zombie Graveyard is the Zombie Mode's Zen Garden where you get Zombies.

Created by Dr Edgar Zomboss/Freaker Camper.

Adopted by DJCraft789.

Appearence of Zombies

Instead of a Sprout,there will be an arm after you grow it,it will give you a Zombie met in the area you were playing Example:

  • Fog:Baloon Zombie
  • Day:Pole Vaulting Zombie

After you unlock this area Dr.Zomboss gives you two gravestones with two arms then you have to give them brains with the Brain Can,after 3 of 6 brains,you can give them Brain Growers.You get a silver coin every time you give your Zombie a brain.The Zombies' cost as an arm is 1500$,as small sized 3000$,as medium sized 5000$ but as full size,vehicle riding Zombies will cost 10000$,same with flying and swimming Zombies,while bosses and Zombotanies will cost 15000$ the other types of Zombies will cost 8000$. Note:This page needs more content.


Old Screenshots

New Screenshots

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