China has been overrun by Zombies (not meaning that the people are though- this is fan-fiction)! Plants armies have been assaigned to re-take the land! This is a turn based strategy minigame made by Bookbay.


  • Capture all Zombie cities, harbours, and gates
  • Wipe out the Zombie emporor - Dr. Edgar Zomboss

How to Battle

Copy (2) of RoTK China Map by TheGabeCaron

Green: Plants Brown: Zombies

Once you meet a Zombie army/city, you have the option of attacking it. If you decide to, the screen will change into a 2p- like battle, which there are 2 energy producers each. Each army has a limited number of Seeds/Zombies. to increase the number, you have to select the option Buy (for the Zombies, its "Recruit") in the bottom left of the screen. It costs 250 Sun and gets about 30-35 units at a time (planting 1 plant costs 1 seed. Upgrades take another). An army loses when they run out of units to use. To lose the Minigame:

  • Lose every city controlled by Plants
  • Have every Army defeated

Cities & Marching

Each city consists of 1 pack of 49 seed packets. When you march an army out of a specific city, you get to choose 6 to 10 seed packets, consisting of any plants you want. However, the more slots you choose, the less seeds you get:

  • 6 slots: 80 seeds
  • 7 slots: 65 seeds
  • 8 slots: 45 seeds
  • 9 slots: 36 seeds
  • 10 slots: 26 seeds

You also have to choose a leader to march out the army. There are several choices, and if they lose to a Zombie army (i.e. the Plants army loses) the Leader gets captured and you lose all the seed packets you marched out with. To get the leader back, take over the city/army that the Zombies defeated your army.

Dr. Edgar Zomboss

He is the boss of this invasion, and if you take over the city he resides in, the surrounding cities immediately resign to your force (and you get free seed packets). Dr. Edgar himself will disappear for the whole minigame.


Upon winning, you get $10000 and the Sandbox mode of this minigame. In Sandbox, you can choose which cities Zombies control, which city Plants control, etc. You also have 2p to see who is the master of the land. You can also challenge People over WiFi.

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