Health :

75 normal damage shots

Damage :


Zombarder is a Zombie with a Bazooka, Grenades and a Dynamite. The Zombarder is tough and strong. It can absorb 75 normal damage shots and will do 1 of 3 attacks per 5 seconds. The first attack is the Bazooka attack which makes the Zombarder shoot your plants with a Bazooka destroying a 2x2 range of plants. The second attack is the Dynamite attack which destroys a a 3x3 area of plants rarely. The third attack is the Grenade attack which is the most common. He will throw Grenades at your plants slowly . After the Grenade is thrown at your plants, it will have to wait 5 seconds before exploding. Each grenade destroys one plant so the zombie is mostly a Ranged Attacking Zombie.

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