ZomBotany Zombies's Revenge
Zombotany Zombies Revenge!
Created by Cofee BAM!
Setting Day
Variation Normal
Difficulty Medium-Hard

This is a minigame where you must defeat the Giga Imitater Zombie, and he becomes stronger. It is a normal day level. You start with 3500 Sun and setup your defenses before starting the onslaught, similar to Last Stand.

Giga Imitater Zombie battle Music

Giga Imitater Zombie battle Music

The music isn't related with PvZ but, It's the battle Music!


This is a choose your seeds level.

Recomended plants (10 seeds):

Zombotany zombies

Choose your seeds... (Some zombies actually not in this game)


Take the recommended plants. Save some Cofeno Bean and Doom-shroom. They are very helpful to make the Giga Imitater Zombie heads into normal. (does 250 Damage) Annoying Orange-pult are very helpful, but they will be killed if you plant more than two by the Giga Imitater Zombie. Plant Umbrella Leaf to protect your plants from Melon-pult Zombie and it's Giga version (the melon's AoE damage will affect nearby plants). Sometimes the zombies will drop a First Aid Tissue. Use them to heal your Umbrella Leaves.