ZomBotany Zombies's Revenge
Zombotany Zombies Revenge!
Created by Cofee BAM!
Setting Day
Variation Normal
Difficulty Medium-Hard

This is a minigame where you must defeat the Giga Imitater Zombie, and he becomes stronger. It is a normal day level. You start with 3500 Sun and setup your defenses before starting the onslaught, similar to Last Stand.

Giga Imitater Zombie battle Music05:01

Giga Imitater Zombie battle Music

The music isn't related with PvZ but, It's the battle Music!


This is a choose your seeds level.

Recomended plants (10 seeds):

Zombotany zombies

Choose your seeds... (Some zombies actually not in this game)


Take the recommended plants. Save some Cofeno Bean and Doom-shroom. They are very helpful to make the Giga Imitater Zombie heads into normal. (does 250 Damage) Annoying Orange-pult are very helpful, but they will be killed if you plant more than two by the Giga Imitater Zombie. Plant Umbrella Leaf to protect your plants from Melon-pult Zombie and it's Giga version (the melon's AoE damage will affect nearby plants). Sometimes the zombies will drop a First Aid Tissue. Use them to heal your Umbrella Leaves.


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