ZomBotany Wall-nut Bowling
Created by Cofee BAM!
Setting Pool or Day
Variation Wall-nut Bowling
Difficulty Medium

Zombotany Wall-nut bowling is a Wall-nut Bowling minigame, but the zombies are Zombotany Zombies!


  • Wall-Nut (Damage:1)
  • Explode-o-nut (Damage :10 or Infinite)
  • Giant Wall-nut (Damage:10 or Infinite)


  • Peashooter Zombie (Health:1)
  • Wall-nut Zombie (Health:3)
  • Gatling Pea Zombie (Health:1)
  • Tall-nut Zombie (Health:4)
  • Jalpeno Zombie (Health:1)
  • Squash Zombie (Health:1)

How to get ZomBotany Bowling

These are the steps:

  1. Go to ZomBotany or ZomBotany 2, choose any plants, then leave the game.
  2. Open the userdata folder in the Plants vs. Zombies folder.
  3. Look for game#_16 or game#_32 and rename to game#_17 or game_33 (# is your user number, so look for game1_16 if user 1, game2_16 if user 2, etc.)
  4. Go back to PvZ and go to Wall-nut Bowling or Wall-nut Bowling 2. Place all plants on the lawn. They can even be placed on same square.
  5. Leave the game again, go back to userdata, and rename it back to game#_16 or game#_32.
  6. Go to ZomBotany or ZomBotany 2 and remove the plants, then leave the game.
  7. Rename it back to game#_17 or game#_33.
  8. Go to Wall-nut Bowling or Wall-nut Bowling 2, then start playing it.


You can add your own!

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