Zeppelin Zombie
Coming Soon!
Created by GatlingPeaz




100 normal damage shots


80% slower than a Balloon Zombie


Very High


Drops zombies; releases 3 Bungee Zombies to steal plants

Zeppelin Zombie is a zombie driving a big, blue zeppelin. Catapult Plants are able to hit it. It cannot be slowed down or paralyzed. Zeppelin Zombie doesn't try to get into your houses, instead it drops Zombie, Conehead Zombie or Buckethead Zombie onto your lawn/roof. Sometime it will stop and release 3 (or 2,1. Depends on how many plants are there below the Zeppelin) Bungee Zombies.

Surbuban Almanac Entry

Zeppelin Zombie

Zeppelin Zombie drives a big zeppelin.

Toughness: Very High

Weaknesses: Cattail and Robo Blover

Specials: Flying, drops zombies.


  • Blover can blow the Zeppelin Zombie away 6 squares, other types of Blover blow the Zeppelin Zombie back 8 squares, while Robo Blover can blow it away, which mean it kills it.

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