Zen Gardens is an area at PVZCC. It is the 8th area you will go at. Here, the landscape has so much decorations like ponds and pagodas. AT the final level, you'll have to defeat Master Shadouu Ibu Nushi.

Info :

Area : 10 columns x 6 rows

The story :

You and Crazy Dave were just visiting Japan until you get to the Zen Gardens, zombies started spawning. Now, you'll have to save the Zen Gardens by killing all the zombies there.

Sun A.F. :

Lvl 1 -3: 25 sun

Lvl 4 -9 : 0

Sun S. :

Lvl 1 - 3 :50 sun

Lvl 4 - 9 :100 sun

What Will Happen To :

Plants :

Normal, except that now there are some garden stuff that will make you unable to plant or distrurb your plants such as the Kois in the pond and zombies coming out of the Pagodas.

Zombies :

Now, some zombies might spawn by the pagodas.

New Plants :

Coming Soon

New Zombies :

Last Line Of Defence :


Crazy Dave 's Speech :


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