By Dr Edgar Zomboss and GatlingPeaz made the picture


6 normal damage bites.


1 normal damage each bite (Yeti form)/1 normal normal damage shot per pea (Peashooter form)


Turns into a Peashooter after 10 seconds. Gives you 3000$ if killed in time.

The Yomplanti is a plant that you can't use but will be found in I, Zombie Endless which means it's a cardboard. It will turn into a Peashooter after 10 seconds if you don't kill, it gives you $3000 (3 diamonds) if you kill it before it turned into a Peashooter.


Use a Bungee Zombie if there is no kind of Umbrella Leaves. If there is a Umbrella Leaf near it, use anykind of tough Zombies like the Football Zombie or Digger Zombie.

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