Coming Soon!
Created by Plant lover
Setting Pool
Variation Normal (Survival)
Difficulty Expert

War is a very hard mini-game, in which you will be given 150 Sun at the beginning instead of the normal 50. This minigame keeps the record for the longest time you get before a zombie comes (2 minutes!). You must battle the strongest zombies for 10 flags. You must also battle the ZomBotany Zombies. Every flag has different kinds of Zombies, starting from the weakest ones to the strongest ones. You can switch seeds after each flag. Sun will drop faster from the sky and 2 Suns will drop from the sky, Sun producing plants will produce Sun 2x faster than usual, shooters will shoot 2x faster than usual, and defensive plants will have 2x more health than usual, to compensate for the difficulty of the minigame.

Zombie Count

Flag 1: 50 Zombies.

Flag 2: 100 Zombies.

Flag 3: 125 Zombies.

Flag 4: 175 Zombies.

Flag 5: 200 Zombies.

Flag 6: 300 Zombies.

Flag 7: 375 Zombies.

Flag 8: 450 Zombies.

Flag 9: 500 Zombies.

Flag 10: 750 Zombies.

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