Wall-nut Tree
Wall-nut tree is a plant that produces Wall-nuts and throws them on Zombies. Wall nut tree itself is like a Tall-nut the tree takes 100 bites before it gets eaten, after the wall nut tree is eaten, smashed, burned, shot or instantly killed it will produce 1-4 wall nuts on random lanes if the wall nuts grow properly.


wall nut trees can be taken away by bungie jumping zombie or jack in the box zombie could explode, but that's really all of its weaknesses. You might of thought gargauntars might Smash this plant, but the aim of this plant is to do die, so it can let it's wallnut seeds spread all over the lawn to grow into new wallnutwallnut.


This plants toughness is gargauntars and any instant killing zombies with ability to kill this plant in one strike, which is a good thing, so it can spread it's wallnut seeds across the lawn. Use It for stopping all weak and tough zombies, especially for blocking balloon zombies or other low flying zombies.


.It's better when this plant dies

.This is the only plant where it's deaths useful

.Surprisingly bungy jumping zombies can pick up this heavy tree straight from the ground

Nut Type Damage Rarity
Tininut 1 normal damage. Very Common
Wall-nut 5 normal damage. Common
Tall-nut 10 normal damage. Uncommon
Giant-Nut 15 normal damage. Rare
Freeze-nut 5 normal damage + freezing. Uncommon (Common in snow)
Freezing-Tall-Nut 10 normal damage + freezing. Rare (Uncommon in snow)
Yeti-nut Instant kill + freezes whole lawn. Extremely rare (Impossible on a non-snow/cave level.)
Wall-rock 20 normal damage Rare
Tall-rock Instant Kill Very rare
Barrier-nut 25 normal damage. Very rare
Fume-nut 10 normal damage. Rare
Poisonut 5 normal damage. Uncommon
Nutflower 1 normal damage + produces Wall-nuts (can be upgraded into Wall-nut Tree). Very rare
Explode-o-nut Instant Kill (Explodes). Rare
Explode-o-Tall-nut Instant Kill (Bigger explosion). Extremely Rare
Grave-Nut 5 normal damage. Common (only if there's craters)
Dough-nut 1 normal damage Very Common
Sponge-nut 1 normal damage. Very Common
Chrome-nut Instant Kill. Extremely Rare
Metal-nut Instant Kill. Rare
MeTall-nut 2 Instant Kills. Very Rare
Totem Nut 10 normal damage. Rare
Tiki-nut 20 normal damage. Very Rare
Doom-nut Instant Kill. Extremely Rare
Brawl Nut 10 normal damage. Rare
Chinese Door Wall Nut 15 normal damage. Rare
Mama-Nut 20 normal damage Very Rare
Bowl-nut Instant Kill to normal Zombies. Common
Pea-nut 10 normal damage. Uncommon
Peanut 5 normal damage. Common
Goo Filled Slows. Uncommon.
Wooden Shield 5 then falls on other Zombies. Rare.
Enormonut 500 normal damage to all zombies. Semi-Impossible

Upgrade of Nutflower. It drops all of its wall-nuts on the final wave. Once it does, It is used as a Defensive Plant.