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Wall-nut Bowling 4

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Wall-nut Bowling 4
Wallnut Bowling4
Created by Dung Dinh Anh
Setting Day
Variation Converyor-belt Level
Difficulty Hard - Very Hard

This is another Wall-nut Bowling game, which is harder. You will get types of Wall-nut, and some other plants. It has 3 flags.


Use to bowl:

  • Wall-nut (Common)
  • Freeze-o-nut (Common): Freeze every zombies it bowls.
  • Explode-o-nut (Uncommon)
  • Giant Wall-nut (Rare)
  • Jalapenut (Rare): Destroy Zomboni's ice trail.
  • Poisonut (Rare): Deal 1 normal damage to zombies around.
  • Metal-nut (Rare): Equal 2 Wall-nuts.
  • Wallrock (Very Rare): Equal 3 Wall-nuts.
  • Hypno-nut (Very Rare): Hypnotize every zombies it bowls. Can't hypnotize Vehicle Zombies.

Other (can be planted anywhere):

  • Nutflower (Very Rare): Produces Wall-nuts, Freeze-o-nut, Explode-o-nut,...(Plants up there).
  • Pumpkin (Uncommon)
  • Butter-pult (Rare): Use like Cob Cannon, paralyzed a zombie on target on its lane, does 0 normal damage shots.
  • Squash (Rare): Save 2 of them to kill Pogo Zombie.



  • Zombie (1 hit)
  • Conehead Zombie (2 hits)
  • Newspaper Zombie (2 hits, run fast after 1 hit)
  • Pole Vaulting Zombie (1 hit, jump over the first plant)
  • Imp (alone) (1 hit)
  • Peashooter Zombie (1 hit)


  • Buckethead Zombie (3 hits)
  • Conehead Imp (2 hits)
  • Screen Door Zombie (4 hits, 1 if ricochet)
  • Gatling Pea Zombie (1 hit)


  • Zomboni (3 hits, immune to Freeze-o-nut, Explode-o-nut, Hypno-nut)
    • Zombie Bobsled Team (5 hits, 1 for bobsled, immune to Hypno-nut, 1 for each zombie)
  • Buckethead Imp (3 hits)
  • Squash Zombie (1 hit)
  • Dancing Zombie (1 hit)
    • Backup Dancer (1 hit)
  • Jack-in-the-Box Zombie (1 hit)
  • Ladder Zombie (3 hits, ricochet will destroy the ladder immediately)

Very Rare

  • Gargantuar (6 hits, throw Imp after 3 hits)
  • Giga-Gargantuar (9 hits, throw Giga-Imp after 7 hits)
    • Giga-imp (1 hit)
  • Jalapeno Zombie (1 hit)
  • Football Zombie (4 hits)

Every Flag

  • Flag Zombie (1 hit)

Twice (1st: Half flag 2; 2nd: Flag 3)

  • Pogo Zombie: Jump over plants, can only be killed by Squash, Explode-o-nut and Jalapenut's explosion. (unknown)


  • You can still plant Wall-nut over Pumpkin, Nutflower and Butter-pult, but not Squash. This is because if a zombie get to the last line, eating a Pumpkin, Nutflower or Butter-pult, and you don't have any instant kill, you'll lose a lawn mower or lose the game for sure.
  • Butter-pult can still throw butter to the zombie that behind it. This is because Butter-pult is using almost like a Cob Cannon, but only on its lane.
  • Squash Zombie doesn't squash the rolling Wall-nut and it's other types.
  • Jack-in-the-Box Zombie and Jalapeno Zombie's explosion can kill rolling Wall-nut and it's other types.
    • Jack-in-the-Box Zombie when about to explode, nothing can kill him, even Wall-nut, Squash or Explode-o-nut, Jalapenut's explosion.
  • Butter-pult cannot paralize the Zomboni and Zombie Bobsled Team (with the bobsled)

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