Volcano Flower
Volcano flower


Plant / Rock

Health :

10 normal damage shots

Damage :

20 normal damage shots

Shooting Rate :

Very Slow

Range :


Cost :

1000 sun

Volcano Flower is a plant that has different uses in different areas. Here are they :

Land :

On land, the Volcano Flower Works as a bastion as when zombies come 1 square near it, it will shoot out hot magma rocks and hit the zombies on the range. It's shooting rate is very slow but does heavy damage ( 20 normal damage shots ) It also releases smoke that makes zombies slower.

On Water :

On water, the Volcano Flower will start underwater and you can only see the top. While it is doing this, it is heating up the water to make zombies on the water take 1 normal damage every 2 seconds. When it surfaces, it still heats up the water but will now be able to shoot magma rocks at zombies. Unlike on land, the range is 2 squares away but the shooting rate is still slow. Multiple Volcano flowers also adds damage by the heat. Plus, if you have 1 more Volcano Flower, all the Volcano Flowers will be 1 normal damage stronger.

Underwater :

Underwater, the Volcano Flower becomes its most functional. It will heat up the water but does not have to "not-shoot" when it starts. And this time, its range to shoot magma rocks is 3 squares and once again, the shooting rate is still slow. But the good part is that it does not recommend a Mangrove Root to be planted underwater.

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