These plants are the most powerful on the wiki. They are defined by there ability to easily destroy groups of zombies. This page was previously deleted, but DarkPwnage has kindly allowed me to remake it provided I added more information. Note: I don't want this page to be seen as a deletion list. I am only making this list to show the most powerful plants on the wiki.

This page now has a sister page dedicated to the unique plants on this wiki.

The plants themselves

  • Fifty-six Leaf Blover: It is strong enough to blow away nearly all zombies on screen. Boss zombies & the ever classic Plasmawing won't be blown away instantly, but will instead suffer massive damage.
  • Devil-Rock: It can withstand 12 smashes before parishing & will do 2 instant kills worth of damage to any vehicles that run over it. Any big spikes that fall off will be replaced with fire torrents. It is also immune to explosions presumedly due to it working on a similar princible to devils.
  • Nuclear jalapeño: It litterally causes a nuclear explosion that wipes out all zombies on screen. Unfortanetly, it also leaves a 3x3 crater that stays there for the rest of the level & can only be used once.
  • Magnet Cube Plant: This plant will crush any vehicle zombie that it grabs, although it takes 7.5 seconds to do so. It will even do this to the Plasmawing.
  • Gatling Sniper Pea: This plant fires 4 powerful peas at a time. Like its downgrades, it can hit any zombie on screen, with the tougher zombies being the higher priorities.