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    Oh boy! I wiki where I am able to present my love for Plants Vs Zombies and make friends! Hm, I should probably read the front page first so I understand all the rules and check all the blogs of becoming a sucessful user!

    (Insert Incredibly Large Amount Of Rich Text Here)

    Why hello there my good sir! This is a very good page indeed, the contents of the page are very well made and it is very extrodinary! Thanks for contributing such an amazing plant to us!

    Many thanks friend! Hey, now that I got complimented for making such a good page, Perhaps I should start on creating a game version!

    Hm, I'm terribly sorry mate, but this page does not contain the correct amount of content h…

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  • DarkPwnage

    Ayyy I'm back

    April 28, 2014 by DarkPwnage

    Self Explanitory.

    This is all I saw from getting back. A hate blog and mlp. :P

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  • DarkPwnage

    Gonna be away lol

    April 17, 2014 by DarkPwnage

    Well since it's Spring break of where I am, I'll be going on vacation. Hope the wiki isn't flooded with you know, UO everywhere.

    Take care~~

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  • DarkPwnage

    Special Announcement

    April 1, 2014 by DarkPwnage

    K guys I'm taking power over the wiki so u gotta do what I say k cuz I'm a dictator and I own u all k first delete every page on her cuz I'm cool and u gotta follow me den promote all da vandals to b-crat k baiiiii follow me or u die k

    Anyways, Happy April! :)

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    Okay. no. Really. Just. No. Stop.

    I remember when I first came on to PvZCC, the wiki was different. It was  October 2011, when PvZCC was fairly new (PVZCC started in April 2011, never forget that date). It was great, filled with awesome people, and great creations. I started my wiki life there. First few days were rough. I couldn't be the very best like no one ever was. I remember I even got a block once. But as time progressed, I got better at this, and began to make better creations. When I joined it was also around the PvS War. I eventually got adminship and stuffs. Of course, after a few months I got globally banned of apparently "underage". Then ofc, came the Global Disabling Era were mr. AjCatlove just HAD to go around and tattle on e…

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