Umbrella Steel

Umbrella steel
Created by Coffee BAM!


100 (+100)


Very slow



Upgrade of:

Umbrella Leaf

Umbrella Steel protects your plants from lobbed-shot zombies' projectiles with heavy damage, like melons and frozen melons. It absorbs 20 bites and can deflect Imps.

Suburban Almanac Entry

Umbrella Steel

Umbrella Steel protects your plants from lobbed-shot zombies and Imps.

Must be planted on Umbrella Leaf

Umbrella Steel is a very polite plant and everybody respects her. However she still afraid of zombies, especially the Bungee Zombie and every zombie that falls close to her. Her leaves are made of metal that can only be destroyed with fire and not a conductor of electricity which mean she can protect nearby plants from lightning.

Toughness: medium

Cost: 100

Recharge: very slow

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