Umbrella Hair Zombie
Umbrella hair Zombie
The Umbrella hair Zombie.

Health :

7 normal damage shots (low)


Slow like a Zombie/ eat Slower.


Ask a Zombie to eat the plants for her. (only for normal zombie and Football Zombie and also the Jalapeno Zombie)


Cooming Soon!

Umbrella Hair Zombie is actualy a Beautiful Zombie with a umbrella leaf as a hair, but it's weaker.

It can Protect nearby zombies in 3x3 range from Cattapult plants Projectiles like Cabbage,kernel,Butter. But for heavy damaged projectile like Melon, Flaming Melon, Frozen Melon, Durian, Jackfruit, and Jalapeno will damage her but not damage nearby zombies.

Durian deal 2 normal damage shots.

Frozen Melon and melon deal 1 normal damage shots.

Flaming melon deals 5 normal damage shots

Jalapeno will kill her.

Note: this Zombie appear in Roof level,Hill levels ,and Sewers level only (sometimes appear in day level)

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