Twin Cooking Sunflower
Blinking Twin Cooking Sunflower

Blinking Twin Cooking Sunflower

Twin Cooking Sunflower
is an upgrade for Cooking Sunflower. One head produces food for your plants, the other produces food for Stinky and his relatives.

Note: Same as Cooking Sunflower, the first head will not produce food if there is no undamaged plant.

Note: They produce double sun like Cooking Sunflower.

Note: The first head heals one damaged plant each minute.

Note: It also produces all the items Cooking Sunflower can produce.


Dish Name Healed Rarity
Special Fresh Water 5 normal damage bites


Smoothy Fertilizer 10 normal damage bites Uncommon
High Grade Fertilizer 20 normal damage bites Rare
Oil 50 normal damage bites (robotic plants only) Rare
Pizza 35 normal damage bites Very Rare
Royal Fertilizer Fully heals a plant Very Rare
Dish Name Rarity Stinky/Relatives
Chocolate Common Stinky the Snail
Lemonade Common Stench the Worm
Fish Rare Clyde the Jellyfish
Cotton Candy Rare Reek the Butterfly
Bone Uncommon Odor the Dog

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