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Three Flags

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Three Flags
Three Flags
Created by Zomplant Jelo
Setting Day
Variation Movable Plant
Difficulty Medium-Hard

Three Flags is a mini-game where you move your Pea-shooter up & down and shoot down zombies. You need to kill all 500 zombies and survive 3 flags. You will receive 25 sun everytime you kill Normal Zombies, 100 if Flag Zombies & 50 for the rest.

You will also receive upgrades which you can use to easily defeat zombies. You'll get 1 each when the game starts. You can also buy them if you have enough sun.

You will play in a 3x9 daytime level.

You may win a Bronze Trophy, Silver Trophy or Gold Trophy.

Note: Peas travels 2x faster. And also shooters shoots 2x faster.

Controls (PC)


Keyboard: Up Arrow Key

Mouse: Move up


Keyboard: Down Arrow Key

Mouse: Move Down


Keyboard: Space Bar

Mouse: Left Click


Keyboard: Left & Right Arrow Keys, Number 1-5 Keys

Mouse: Scroll Wheel Up & Down


Keyboard: Numpad 1-9

Mouse: None

Available Plants

  • Peashooter (At Start)
  • Snow Pea (175)
  • Repeater (200)
  • Threepeater (325)
  • Gatling Pea (450)

Available Zombies

  • Zombie (Common)
  • Flag Zombie (Every Flag)
  • Conehead Zombie (Rare)
  • Pole Vaulting Zombie (Rare)
  • Newspaper Zombie (Rare)
  • Buckethead Zombie (Very Rare)
  • Dancing Zombie (Extremely Rare)
  • Football Zombie (Extremly Rare)
  • Soldier Zombie (Once)

Available Upgrades

  • Torchwood = Turns your peas into fireballs. (A Torchwood will be in front of your shooter.) (200)
  • Potato Mine = Puts armed Potato Mines in the whole 8th column. (100)
  • Wall-nut = Puts Wall-nuts in the whole 7th column. (150)
  • Tall-nut = Put Tall-nuts in the whole 7th column. (400)
  • Doom-shroom = Puts a Doom-shroom in the 5th column 2nd row. (Doesn't need a Coffee Bean.) (225)
  • Pumpkin = Covers your shooter with a Pumpkin. (175)
  • Ice-shroom = Puts an Ice-shroom in the 3rd column 2nd row. (Doesn't need a Coffee Bean.) (150)
  • Chomper = Puts Chompers in the whole 6th column. (400)
  • Spikeweed = Puts Spikeweeds in the whole 9th column. (Duration: 3 minutes) (325)

Ways to Lose

  • Get your shooter be eaten.
  • Let the zombies eat your brains.


  • Bronze Trophy: $1,000
  • Silver Trophy: $2,000
  • Gold Trophy: $3,000

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