The Skateboarder's Territory is a place where the skateboarding zombies hang out. In this level, you must use flower pots to plant. Skateboarding zombies will skate board to a ramp and acid drop at your plants.

Info :

The story :

You were invited by the Sickboarders ( a skateboard team ) to join them . But, when you get to their territory, you found out that it was a trap by the Zombros. Now, you must defeat all the zombies before they skate to other territories.

Sun Amount Falling :

Level 1-5 : Normal

Level 6-9 : No ( Inside the Sickboarder's Hideout )

Sun start :

100 sun

What Will Happen To :

Plants :

Act as normal. Just play it as you would on a roof level exept now, there are ramps that cannot be passed and shot through meaning that the projectiles would hit the ramps but not the zombies.

Zombies :

Act like normal exept now they are mosly Skateboarding Zombies and some zombies that had skate over the ramp would fall and squash the plants it lands on.

New Plants :

Coming Soon...

New Zombies :

  • Zombro
  • Skate Boarder Zombie
  • Sick Skate Boarder Zombie
  • Pro Bro
  • Vandalizer Zombie
  • Cussing Zombie
  • Showoff
  • Drunk Zombie
  • The Godskater

Last Line Of Defence :


Crazy Dave's Speech :

  • Hey neighbour! Funny seing you here.
  • Well, its a bad time now because it seems that the zombies had turned the members into ZOMBIES!
  • Well like they say! Before you find zombies, prepare some Seed Packets!
  • Good Luck, " Dude "
  • ( Runs Away )

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