The Sea

Sun Start :

200 sun

Plants :

Land Plants Can Only Be Planted On Mangrove Roots

Zombies :

Most of them doesn't appear here



Last Line Of Defense :

Mini Sub

The Sea is an area where you'll have to defend yourself... UNDERWATER!!!

Info :

Sun Start :

200 sun

Sun Falling :

25 sun / 30 seconds

Plants :

In this stage, you'll have to plant ground plants on Mangrove Roots or they shall automatically float of the screen. Aquatic plants are extremely recommended here. Tangle Kelp are useless as they wouldn't do anything except getting eaten by the zombies. Also, projectiles will travel slower than they would on land and lobbed-shots would take five seconds before they would hit the ground. Splash damages does not activiate here.

Zombies :

Most of them aren't here.

Effects :

Sometimes, wavy tides would get in your way and push your projectiles away. Wavy tides can only dissapear by waiting 5 minutes or use a Flover.

New plants :

More coming soon...

New Zombies :

More Coming Soon...

Last Line Of Defence :


Crazy Dave's Speech :

Mornin Neighbour!
Nothin better than goin swimming with the fishcakes huh?
What? You'll pass again? Oh well! More space for me! You know sometimes I just wonder why you would deny things I'd let you do...
Holy Burrito!!! Zombies!
Lets go hide underwater!
Uh oh! The zombies managed to find us!
Good thing the Mangrove Root seed packet just fell on time din't it?
Good Luck!

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