It is a Day Level with 8 Rows and 9 Columns. The ground is mostly rock so you must use a Flower Pot but there are a few grass that doesn't need flowerpots.
Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

The Eastern Castle is the 10th stage of the game.

Info :

The Story:

You and Crazy Dave were invited by Queen Sasselmouth to her party at the Eastern Castle. As you get there, you find everything perfect. Suddenly, a few hours later, zombies have invaded the castle and turned everyone except you and Crazy Dave into Zombies. Who shall defeat the zombies and restore peace to the castle?

Sun Amount Falling :

Level 1 - 3 = 25 per sun

Level 4 - 6 = 50 per sun

Level 7-9 = 100 per sun

Level 10 = No sun, Conveiyor Belt Level

Sun Start :

Level 1 - 5 = 50 sun

Level 6 - 9 = 75 sun

What Will Happen To :

Plants :

Functions like normal except that they have to be planted on flower pots on some squares.

Zombies :

They'll all act as normal. Run towards you and try to eat your brains.

New Plants:

New Zombies :

Last Line Of Defence :

  • Mini-Waggon

Crazy Dave's Speech :

Woah! They got everything! Salt n' Snail Tacos, Tiger Bladder Pizzas, I'm going crazy!

What? You don't wanna eat? Then more for me! *SCRULMMMCCPPULPPSCROUMMMCHUP*

Hey Queen Potty Mouth! Shut your sassymouth an start giving me more tacos!

What? I ate all of them?

You all can make more! Just look at you guys! You have Knights, Guards, Cooks, Queens, Zombi....


Looks like em zombies caught on to ya!

Lets teach em whos the boss of them tacos.

Woah! He got one big sword!

Notes from the zombies :

Surrender Yee wonderful brains and we shall set yee free.

Now do not try to ignore this roya'l

note or yee shall find your worst!

Sincerly : Thee Zombies


  • I is weird since the notes from the medieval zombies have good grammar but spoken in their language a bit like "Yee" and "Thee"

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