The Age Of Exploration is a dream mode level that takes part in the old age of exploration. From level 1 - 2, you will be defending at the old docks. Then, at level 3 - 10, you will fight on a pirate ship. The pirate zombies climbed on your ship and is now trying to take yer brains n' gabloons.


Sun Start :

100 sun

Sun Falling :

25 sun

What will happen to:


Plants now can only be planted on flower pots because of the wooden floor.


Some zombies would come out of the door at the low floor.


In level 1 - 8, the weather will be fine. But, in level 9 - 10, a huge storm surge will hit the ship confusing you. The screen would tilt to the right and left. Some zombies would walk forward faster when the ship tilts to the left. There are also lightning that might strike your plants killig em' instantly. Also, some sea water might splash into the 6th or 1st column spawning underwater zombies on land.


The landscape has 2 floors, the 1st floor which are the 6 columns and the second floor which are 3 floors. Plants cannot shoot up the second floor nor shoot down the first floor.

Obtained Plants:

More coming soon...

New Zombies:

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