Tennis Racket Zombies swing their tennis rackets to launch tennis balls that do low damage. Tennis balls are flammable and can therefore burn your plants, so be careful when using Torchwoods. Tennis balls bounce from plant to plant, skipping a space each time and can destroy lawnmowers easily. The only way for the Tennis Racket Zombie to stop throwing balls is to either destroy the racket or kill the zombie itself. Only lobbed-shot plants can hit it because of the racket's height. They are weak to all AoE or splash damage plants because they usually come in groups. Magnet-shrooms can attract the racket, thankfully.

  • Health: 24 peas
  • Damage: 1 bite per bite, 0.5 bites per ball
  • ROF: 1.4 seconds per ball
  • Special: Tosses tennis balls
  • Almanac Entry: Tennis Racket Zombie has never played tennis. That's why he keeps missing the net and always hits your plants.


A strong defense with lots of Pumpkins will kill this zombie, as it has low health. Otherwise, use large, tall, or flying plants to kill it.

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