TNT Zombie
Toughness: High
Speed: Fast
Special: TNT explodes
Weakness: Umbrella Leaf

TNT Zombie is like a Jalapeno Zombie, but stronger. He also appears in adventure mode. The best thing to do is to instant kill him, like a Squash or a Hypno-shroom. Hypno-shrooms are not that effective, because he is a shield zombie. However, after reaching a fuse, he will throw his TNT and it will land near the Lawn Mower/Pool Cleaner/Roof Cleaner/whatever last line of defense you have, and it will kill the whole row (including himself).

Suburban Almanac Entry

TNT Zombie

A zombie with a devastating explosive.

Toughness: high

Speed: fast

Special: TNT explodes

Weakness: Umbrella Leaf

This zombie is very stupid. Maybe it's because he's never eaten a brain. He went to Zombie Military School, didn't learn anything, stole a barrel of TNT and used it as a shield.


Absorbs 55 normal damage shots. Appearance changes upon absorption of 14, 29, 45 (at this point loses TNT), and 50 normal damage shots before dying at 55 normal damage shots.

TNT detonates upon reaching the third column from the right.


For beginners, put an Umbrella Leaf at the end of the row, so that the TNT is deflected. Catapult plants also damage him, passing above the shield. Instant kills are also great against him, preventing him from wasting a lot of Sun.

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