Sunshine Shroom

6.Sunshine Shroom 1


100 Sun


Gives silver coins, but gold ones later



Sunshine Shroom is a sun-producing and coin-producing plant. Sunshine Shroom is an alternative Sunflower and Marigold at night but same usage as Sun Shroom. She will give small suns and silver coin first and then give 2 suns and gold coins. 

Almanac Entry

Sunshine Shroom give small sun and silver coin first and 2 normal suns and gold coin later.

Sun production: low, then double.

Special: Give silver coins, then gold coins

"She rich! She kind! She friendly! She not stingy!" say most of plants in the lawn. Sunshine Shroom don't cares about it. "Well, I only do my job. You guys are my friends and only one that I most intrested." The 'most intrested' means by Sunshine Shroom is Sun-Shroom. She have crush on him and that her huge secret. 

Cost: 100

Recharge: Sluggish

Plant Food upgrade

Produce 300 suns and 5 diamonds.