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ZJ This article is created by the Founder, J192/Zomplant Jelo.
Suicide Zombie
Suicide Zombie
Created by Zomplant Jelo




10 normal damage shots




Fast(0.4 sec. Per Column)

He walks fast and explodes like a Jack-In-The-Box Zombie, except explodes when it meets a plant, or when
313px-Suicide Zombie

Almanac Entry

reaches the first column, and explodes horizontaly (like a Jalapeno), verticaly (Like Strawberry Bomb, and diagonally. It's explosion does not affect Zombies).


Absorbs 10 normal damage shots. Appearance changes upon absorption of 5 normal damage shots, before getting killed at 10 normal damage shots.


Quickly defeat it as it may heavily damage your defenses and make a way for other zombies to go through your plants.

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