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It's like a pool level except the ground part is snow and the pool part is ice.

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Low. Start with 100 sun.


Your plants will be frozen (In an ice cube and does not move.) except for freezing, burning and explosive plants
Frozen Flower Hahaha

A frozen Sunflower.

like Snow Pea, Ice-shroom, Winter-melon, Torchwood, etc.

The ice part will not act like water, but it acts like a roof that you will plant flowerpots (But it will be frozen.). If you plant aquatic plants, it will be frozen.

New Plants:

All of the recieved plants cannot be frozen.


Zombies will be slowed down when they appear, except for zombies that cannot be frozen and zombies that are hot like the Zomboni, etc.

Even though there is a pool, there will be no aquatic zombies.

New Zombies:

All of the encountered zombies cannot be slowed down.

Last Line of Defense:

Crazy Dave's Speech:

It sure is snowy, Buddy.
You know, even the snow can affect the battle.
Even the zombies can't take the frost.
Remember to pick up some Hot Beans!
Good Luck!

Snowball Fight (Level 9-5)

Those Snowball Zombies really want to fight!

All snowballs?

Those zombies are pests!



  • Ice Cleaner is like Roof Cleaner and Snow Cleaner is like Pool Cleaner.
Good Luck!

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