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We need to water this!
This PVZCC article is a stub! Owner, please expand it or the zombies will eat your brains!

Sewers is a place when the zombie try to attack your house. There will be a pipe that leads the zombie to your bathroom and eat your brains. It's quite dark so you need Seashine. The 14th Level of the game.
PvZCC Sewer

The Sewer By DylanTetley


A real Sewer.

Area information:

Sun: None because it's underground.

Special: Sea-shroom wake up here,and will recharge fast like Puff-shroom.Start with 150 Sun!

Zombies : only Zombies that appear in pool,and the Bungee Zombie.

Size: 5x9 (Full of water!) Note: no Lily pads when starting.

Use tangle kelp as a mine!

Seashine and Sea-shroom are recomended!

Sometimes there are fog here. Remember use Seashine,don't use Blover or Plantern.

New plant:

Seashine one level before the sewers level.

Antidote Plant at level 14-1.

Dough-nut at level 14-2.

Spike Pea at level 14-3.

Mama-Nut at Level 14-5.

Cofeno Bean at level 14-8.

Last Line Of Defense

Sewage Pipes will blast all Zombies in the lane with Sewage.


Pipes above the water will drop Sewage onto one Plant in that column

-Add More!

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