The Seaspike is an aquatic Spikeweed that can pop ducky tubes and hurt dolphins, Snorkel Zombie and etc. Seaspike only can pop ducky tubes and hurts a maximum of 7 zombies and 1 Zomboni (hovercraft).

Almanac Entery

Seaspike is an aquatic Spikeweed.

Damage: Massive

TouGhness:Low ( 7 Zombies and 1 Zomboni)

Special: Pop up ducky tubes and hurts aquatic zombies.

Seaspike likes dolphins. He just wants to see dolphins for the first time at the pool, not dead dolphins. Three weeks ago, he just killed something on his head. When he looked round, he shouted "WHY????!!!!!!!!! WHY DO I KILL CUTE MAMMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Cost: 125

Recharge: Slow

See also Spikeweed.

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