Sea Lily
New Sea Lily
Fires water bubbles at zombies that deal a weak splash in a 3x3 area.

Sun Cost





Bubbles deal splash damage in a big area, bubbles sometimes trap zombies in place, can only be planted in water.

Almanac Entry:

Sea Lily loves underwater creatures. She loves sea horses, sharks and she especially loves cattails, even made a shirt saying "We love Cattails!" to give out, too bad she doesn't know Cattail is a plant.

Plant Food:

Charges to shoot a giant water laser than hits the lane for huge damage and deals a mild splash damage in the two lanes surrounding it.

Sea Lily is a plant that first appears in TBA (However it does appear in Plants vs. Zombies: Fusion Ultimate, but totally different). It fires water bubbles at zombies that deal a weak splash damage in a 3x3 area and can trap zombies in these bubbles for a little bit. It can only be planted in the water.


It can be used as a powerful plant, however it's main weakness is the fact that it can only be planted in water, however, it can deal splash on lanes out of the water lanes, though this can't trap zombies and deals low damage. The bubbles can be instantly popped by spiky plants like Cactus and Cattail though, which can stop the stalling. The bubbles also deal now damage to zombies trapped so it's best not to use only Sea Lilies due to the stun ability otherwise simply stalling.





  • The plant was originally made by Cattailswelove and given to Joshandpingu but has been "adopted" by Lily8763cp
  • In Fusion Ultimate, it instead fires petals and will sometimes burst into plant food once eaten.
  • The shirt logo mentioned is a reference to CattailsweLove, the original creator of the plant.
  • The costume is a reference to Sea Lily's love of cattails.
  • It's the "first" aquatic plant made by Lily8763cp.
    • However, Aquaspike was made beforehand but has since been given away and Sea Lily is also an adopted plant.
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