School is an area where there are 5 rows and 9 nine columns. Plants have to be planted in flower pots and you


made by cpend7

cannot use plants except those you receives during this stage. There are three columns of flower pots in each level.


High. Start with 200 sun.

Plants unlocked

Plants you've already had

  • Peashooter(before first level)
  • Wall-nut(before first level)
  • Sunflower(before the level)
  • Flower Pot(before the level)

New plants

Zombies encountered

Zombies you've already encountered

  • Zombie
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Buckethead Zombie
  • Pole-vaulting Zombie
  • Nerd Zombie

New zombies

Last line of defense

  • Cane

Crazy Dave's Speech

My son will graduate from Dave School today!

I am going to celebrate with him!


Why are there zombies in the school?

Fortunately, I have brought some seed packets!

Why did I bring seed packets with me?

Because I am CRAZZZZZY!!

Good luck, buddy!

Test and exam(the fifth level)

Oh, it's time to study.


Because we are going to have tests and exams!

With Zombies!

Note from zombies

After you beat the ninth level of this stage, you will receive a note from the zombies.

Dear (Player),

I've heard that you done well in the examinations. Would you like to attend our graduation ceremony? I promise that your graduation certificate will be traded for your brain.


Headmaster Zombie


  • It is revealed that Crazy Dave has a son.
  • Unlike the other zombies, Headmaster Zombie can write very well and there's no spelling mistake in his note.
  • Read 2nd trivia maybe it's the teacher zombies (maybe)😛


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