Sapling Minion
Sapling minion
Created by CattailsWelove




Infinite ( Can be killed by zombie explosions )


4 normal damage per second ( Per Sapling Minion )



Sapling Minion is a land version of the Pearanha. They wander around the lawn, therefore they do not take space. When a zombie spawns, it will run at the zombies faster than they wander. You can also plant multiple Sapling Minions until up to 20. More Sapling Minions do more damage per second. If you plant more, the Sapling Minions will gather a pack and patrol the lawn with each other. Each Sapling Minion strikes the zombies doing 4 normal damage shots per second. It can ONLY be planted on land or solid floors (Brick, Roof etc.). If you plant more Sapling Minions, they will form a pack with the other planted Sapling Minions and do more damage per second to zombies. It has infinite life.

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