Road is a daytime stage that happens after Quicksand (coming soon). (Don't tell me this is incomplete. I know it is.) It is a 5x10 area farther down from the street on the seed selection screen for Day and you must use Dirt Pads to plant on the road. It is kind of a mix of night and roof because:


  • Flat
  • Has Trash (equivalent to graves, except more)


  • Has support plants to plant on
  • Daytime
  • No last line of defense

Created by Radaradaninja and Bobsnyder Jaden Yugi Yusei


You start with 25 Sun, but it takes 60 seconds for the zombies to show up.

New Plants


There will be lots of Catapult Zombies.

New Zombies

Crazy Dave's Speech

Those zombies want your brains TOO badly!

They're attacking from the front lawn AGAIN!

And you lost your grass turf thinking they wouldn't come back!

I feel pretty sorry for ya, neighbor.

Good luck surviving the assault!

Zombie's Note


Can we play rode hokee with u eat ur brainz and jack ur houze and stuff? Pleez?


The Zombies

Level ?-5

Catapult Assault- Zombonis, Catapult Zombies, Gargantuars, and Trash Cans are attacking your plants, and your only defenses are Instant Kills and Tall-nuts. Will you survive?

Your Instant Kills are: Cherry Bombs, Jalapenos, Doom Shrooms, Squash, P-Nuts and Ice Shrooms.

Your Defenses are: Tall-nuts, Wall-nuts, and Coffee Beans

Starting out with 300 sun, you have to survive 4 Flags worth of Zombies using only the plants above against Catapult Zombies, Gargantuars, and Trash Cans. Every zombie defeated or disintegrated equal 25 sun, and you are supposed to collect the sun to use your plants. If they cross the border, your plants will go berserk and attack immediately without recharge. Protect the Sunflowers to win the level, but is unlikely because of the Catapults.

Crazy Dave's Speech:


Careful here, the zombies just stole the entire neighborhood's cars and are using them to crush your plants.

I also jacked your entire arsenal of plants except a few explosives, the nuts, and the coffee beans, and gave them to the zombies.

And why did i give all your plants to the zombies?


Because i'm CRAZY!!!!!!!

Now lets make their scheme blow up in their faces!

Prize: All your plants inside a sack.

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