Predicting the future!
This creation now exists in a Plants vs. Zombies game, but did not at the time of its creation. The official plant/zombie is Intensive Carrot and this creation was made on June, 25, 2011.
Resurrect Flower
Resurrect flower



Use :

Revives/Resurrects your plants

Health :

Infinite ( Disappears once resurrected a plant )

Planted on :


Cost :

75 sun

Obtained at :


Recharge :

20 seconds

Resurrect Flower resurrects the last plant that was planted and eaten on a square. It only resurrects plants that were last planted and eaten on the picked square . When you are about to plant a Resurrect Flower, instead of having a shadow of the Resurrect Flower, it will be the shadow of the plant that was last eaten on the picked square. Once planted, you'll have to wait about 2 seconds and the plants will rise up like graves. This is very useful to replace the same plant rather than having to spend the same amount of sun you have to buy it. But, if the plant you want to resurrect is cost below 75 sun, then you should rather buy the same thing. It also continues the plant resurrected activity, an example is if a Sun-shroom has already grown, it will resurrect a grown Sun-shroom. This also happens to Seed and the other time using plants.

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