Random Plant
Random Plant




Fast (Jonthegreat711; Not Original Author)


(picked plant)


(picked plant)


turns into a random plant

The Random Plant becomes a random plant when placed. This plant costs 25 sun. This plant can be used to earn the achievement Morti-lucky by planting nothing but Sun Producing Plants and Random Plants. When a Random Plant is planted on a specific area, it will become a plant appropriate for that area. For instance, if planted on the roof, it will become a Flower Pot, Dirt Pad, Vine, Future Pot, or a Cooking Pot.


  • Saves sun.
  • When planted on something, it will become a plant appropiate to that place.
    Random Plant packet

    Random Plant Seed Packet

    Random Plant

    A Random Plant


  • Might not be the plant you want.
  • Takes time to randomize.


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