Rambutan-pultRambutan Pult is a plant lob-shot plant that shoots Rambutans- an Asian fruit that has a very tasty inside.

Basic Information

Cost: 125 Sun

Attack: 2 normal damage shots, 1 for every next 2 seconds

Health: 6 normal damage bites

Firing Speed: 2 Seconds per shot

Usage: This "pult" lobs sticky Rambutans that stick onto the Zombie, doing some damage over some time. The Rambutan lasts for 10 seconds once thrown onto a Zombie.

Armanac Entry

Rambutan Pult's devoted to Thai food. He studies recipies, improves fruit quality, and ensures that no Zombies ever touch Thai Food. When he sees one, he will relentlessly lob sticky Grade A Rambutans at him.


  • Rambutans are not only in Thailand. They're also in the Phillipines and South-East Asia.

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