Damage :

Blue Laser : 8 normal damage, Red Laser : 14 normal damage, Blast : 10 normal damage, P2.0 : 15 normal damage.

Cost :


Upgrade :

Yes (Robo Pea)

Health :

20 normal damage bites

RP2.0 is an advanced version of Robo Peas. It shoots a P2.0 at zombies that does 15 normal damage shots to them. It also shoots lasers at the zombies that pierce through them. There are two types of lazers that the RP2.0 shoots, Blue Lasers, which does 8 damage as well as slowing zombies, and Red Lasers, which does 14 damage. It also blasts the zombies with its blaster on the head. Each blast does 10 damage but cannot pierce a zombie.The RP2.0 shoots Peas, Blasts and Lazers at the same time. 


How to obtain :

Get the "Is that All You Got?" achievement.

Projectile :



  • RP2.0 and P2.0 are short for Robo Pea v.2.0 and Pea v.2.0 respectiveley.

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