Protect Mr. Petals! is a mini-game where you have to protect Crazy Dave's Unknown Sunflower.

Unknown sunflower

An Unknown Sunflower


This minigame takes place on Level 5 - Disco. Soon, you can unlock it to become a mini-game. Mr. Petals (Crazy Dave's Unknown Sunflower) can be seen already planted at the back of the Disco Lawn (Row 3 column 1). Now you just have to protect it from 10 waves of zombies that want to eat it. It doesn't just sit there and watch, it gives you sun at a random time to support your defence. But unlike the other levels, since this one is a conveyor belt level, the sun makes your plants work faster.

Plants Obtained

NOTE: In each list, the plants are listed from most common to rarest.




Super Rare:

Zombies Found

Again, the zombies are listed from most common to rarest in each list.




===Super Rare :===]

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