Single use, instant


Turns plastic into a pool


After level 6-10

Planted on:


Poolplant is a single-use plant that you can use to fill the plastic in the Sandbox and turn it into a pool. You have to plant it along the edges of the plastic, and it will pour and fill a 5 x 2 square. It takes about 3 seconds to fill that area. It takes 4 Poolplants, in total, to turn the whole sandbox into a pool. It will also instant kill zombies (including Gargantuars) in the area covered by the Poolplant.

Subarban Almanac Entry


Poolplant can be used to put defenses in the plastic part of the sandbox. Poolplant is happy to help out. He likes to help other plants, but often soaks them more than helps them.

Cost: 50

Recharge: moderate


There is not much strategy to the Poolplant. Try to use it fairly early in the level, because in levels without Sand Cleaners if the zombies come on the plastic and there is no Poolplant, they will just walk along until they reach your house (unless you have plants that shoot in multiple lanes, but Threepeaters and Gloom-shrooms will not affect the middle lane of plastic).


You can get the Achievement "The Pool's Open Early" if you fill up a whole pool before a single zombie comes into it.


  • The Poolplant was originally called the Pitcher Plant, but it was changed to the Poolplant (by my friend, who also created the Sandbox area).

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