Pole Vaulting Dolphin Rider Zombie
Pole Vaulting Dolphin Rider Zombie
Created by Randomguy3000


Vault Zombie


34 normal damage shots


1 normal damage bite (per bite)


Jumps over the first plant it meets at the pool except the Gianut and an Enormonut.


fast, then slow (after jumping)

The Pole Vaulting Dolphin Rider Zombie is a vault zombie. It is a combination of the Dolphin Rider Zombie and the Pole Vaulting Zombie. It can jump over two plants or Tall-nuts or Freeze-o-Nuts. It can be stopped by using instant kills, Enormonut or the Gianut. Three squares before a plant, the zombie stands up and prepares to vault on the dolphin and over the plant.

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