Pogos in Your Building
Coming Soon!
Created by An Unregistered contributor
Setting Skyscraper
Variation Normal
Difficulty Medium

Your main enemies are Pogo Zombies and Zombies.

3 flag battle. The Area is Skyscraper.

A Description: Wait, how did they get pogo and poles? The whole skyscraper's workers may never know.

Available Plants


Magnet Shroom(uncomon)

Durian pult(rare)

Flower pot(very common)

Gatling pea(rare)

Spike pea(uncommon)

Cherry bomb(uncommon)

Gatling spike pea(very rare)


Avalible Zombies

Zombie. (common)

Conehead Zombie. (rare)

Buckethead Zombie. (very rare)

Flag Zombie. (each flag)

Pogo Zombie. (common)

Pole Vaulting Zombie. (rare)

Newspaper Zombie. (common)

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