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This is the Plant List for PvZ:WT

Lawn/Players House (World 0)

Name Sun Cost Image Usage Unlocked Recharge
Peshooter 100
PVZIAT Peashooter1
Peashooters attack

Zombies with peas

At the Start Fast
Sunflower 50
Produces Extra Sun After Lawn - Day 1 Fast
Wall Nut 50
PVZIAT Wallnut1
Protects Plants behind it After Lawn - Day 2 Sluggish
Potato Mine 25
Potato mine pvz2 edition
Explodes when a Zombie steps on it, but it takes time to arm After Lawn -Day 4 Sluggish

American Park (World 1)

Name Sun cost Image Usage Unlocked Recharge
Bay 150
Bay Almanac
Bay Spices Zombies

Doing Damage over time

American Park

- Day 1

Chomper 150
Chomper eats Zombies but is Vulnearble after eating American Park- Day 4 Fast
Honey Flower 175
Honey Flower Summons Bees to attack Zombies American Park - Day 7 Fast
Rashberry 100
Rashberry Explodes in a 3x3 Area making Zombie in the area more vulnerable American Park - Day 9 Slow
Leafy Sprout 75
Leafy Spout attacks Zombies with its Leaves in 3 Lanes but does Light damage American Park - Day 12 Mediocre
Moody Melon 175
Moody Melon attacks Zombies with various attacks based on what mood it is on American Park - Day 17 Fast
Cherry Bomb 150
PVZIAT Cherry Bomb
Explodes in a 3x3 area Killing Every Zombie except Gargantuars American Park - Day 22 slow

Australian Fields (World 2)

Name Sun cost Image Usage Unlocked Recharge
Grass Lantern 125
Lantern GrassAS
Keeps Plants in a Normal Temparature and shoots small light beams to damage nearby Zombies Australian Fields - Day 1 Sluggish
Conkerer 550
Conkerer Almanac
An Tough and Strong Plant that Fires conkers that roll down the lane but it needs very long to arm Australian Fields - Day 6 Slow
Airlily 350
Airlilies are Support plants that hover over plants giving them doubled health Australian Fields - Day 9 Sluggish
Acacia Grass 225
Acacia Grass attacks zombies by shooting leaves straight but can be tapped on to be a Lobbed shot plant Australian Fields - Day 16 Fast
Savanna Shroom 25

Blocks kangaroo Zombies by Exploding to create a Grass Field

Australian Fields -Day 17 Slow
Twin Sunflower 100
Twin Sunflower(2)
Creates 2 extra Suns Australian Fields - Day 22 Mediocre

Irish Rivers (World 3)

Name Suncost Image Usage Unlocked Recharge
Lily Pad 25
Lily Pad.
Lets Plants Be Planted on Water Irish Rivers - Day 1 Fast
Tangle Kelp 25
Tangle Kelp-PvZ2
Destroys A Zombie on Water a Zombie steps on it Irish Rivers - Day 5 Sluggish
Yuccarcher 150
Fires arrows that do enormus damage but has a high chance of missing Irish Rivers - Day 7 Mediocre
Fig Lily 225
Fires Bubbles at Zombies that Explode into Fig Juice Puddles where aquatic plants can be planted on, is amphibious. Irish Rivers - Day 12 Fast
Daisy 25
Small Mari
Gives Silver Coins But has a 50% Chance on just sleeping on the field Irish Rivers - Day 15 Mediocre
Grizzly Pear 150
Spits Fish at Zombies, The fish has a chance to slow down zombies, when zombies are near Grizzly Pear Bites Them Irish Rivers - Day 19 Mediocre
Pepperchaun 250
Pepperchaun On Grass
creates pots of gold that sometimes rain on plants or zombies. If on plants, they will be boosted temporarily with more health and damage. If on zombies, the pots of gold will give them negative effects such as slowness, burning damage, and electric damage, or give them a Coin Bean effect. Irish Rivers - Day 23 Sluggish

European Mountains (World 4)

Name Sun Cost Image Usage Unlocked Recharge
Aqua Flower 175
Fires Water at Zombies that does weak damage but It lets a Ice/Water Plant attack Faster European Mountains - Day 1 Fast
Arisunna 150
Lets Normal Plants In a 3x3 area Produce 5 sun while they do their normal usage and Sun Producing Plants Extra 25 Sun European Mountains - Day 7 Slow
ReLeaf(Anonymus Peashooter) 75
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon (1)
Heals a Plant instantly where its Planted on European Mountains - Day 9 Very Slow
Blue Cup 200
Lobs Blueberries at Zombies that do small slowing while damaging the zombies overtime for 3 Seconds European Mountains - Day 12 Fast
Cabbage Pult 100
PVZIAT Cabbagepult
Lobs Cabbages at Zombies that do tile splash damage European Mountains - Day 17 Fast
Asparagust 325
creates a gust of wind across the entire lawn, blowing back and chilling all of the zombies. However, the zombies closest to it with be affected the most, and those further away won't be affected as much. European Mountains - Day 19 Fast
Gustbush 100
Fires Back and forth with small turnips that do light damage but the turnips peirce through Zombies European Mountains - Day 26 Fast

Mexican Cliffs (World 5)

Name Suncost Image Usage Unlocked Recharge
Lava Lily 375
When planted, it will open like Power Lily, and pour down lava in a cross shape. Each lava tile does the half damage as Lava Guava's. Mexican Cliffs - Day 1 Sluggish
Kernel Pult 100
PVZIAT Kernel-pult
lobs Kernels to damage zombies but has a slight chance to lob butter that stuns zombies Mexican Cliffs - Day 3 Fast
Electric Petunia 250
shoots it's electric petals at zombies and the petals hit all zombies in a 5x5 area near the petal. Mexican Cliffs - Day 6 Slow
Allyum 225
turns the first zombie that touches it into a zomplant. Mexican Cliffs - Day 12 Slow
Ducgrape 100
When planted, it will explode, leaving tape in it's lane that slows down zombies walking through it. The tape is not permanent. The tape lasts the same amount of time that sap does. Mexican Cliffs - Day 17 Mediocre
Rotoflesia 175
Fires Spores in the Column under it, the spores deal huge damage. Rotoflesia is able to float on Water or on air. Mexican Cliffs - Day 22 Mediocre
Bush Root 100
Bush rootLawn
An defensive plant that prevents tiles in Mexican Cliffs from Crashing Mexican Cliffs - Day 26 Sluggish
Boulder Shroom 175
Boulder Shroom Lawn
Fires its Head at Zombies that Splits into Boulders that bounce on zombies heads, its head regenarates after the shot Mexican Cliffs - Day 29 Mediocre

Ukrain Caverns (World 6)

Name Suncost Image Usage Unlocked Recharge
Cold Milkberry 75
Fires icicles at zombies and Creates Ice Walls that block off some Zombies (Ice Wall get created when Zombies are 6 Tiles infront of it Ukrain Caverns - Day 1 Mediocre
Star Dust Flower 125
Makes a Random event happen every 40 seconds

((Events: Hidden Star (When a Plant is planted on a specific tile a star appears that heals plants for 6 health)), Lunar Bubble((a plant is protected)) ,Stardust wind ((All zombies take 5 nds))

Ukrain Caverns - Day 6 Very Slow
Snow Pea 175
Snow Pea premium tile2
Shoots Frozen Peas that Chill Zombies Ukrain Caverns - day 11 Fast
Plantocart 125
A plant that can be planted on rails and on ground, plants can be planted on it. Rams a Zombie When it sees one, also it can hit zombies with powerful rams at the end of a rail track. Ukrain Caverns - Day 19 Mediocre
Railbomb Berry 100
Railbomb BerryLawn
Creates a Rail Track on a Desired Spot, can be used in other worlds Ukrain Caverns - Day 26 Sluggish

Cosmic Galaxies (World 7)

Name Sun cost Image Usage Unlocked Recharge
Lunar Petal 75
Gives Plants Air and Oxygen in space to make the plants survive Cosmic Galaxies - Day 1 Fast
Space Violet 175
Shoots Weak Beams at Zombies, when given 50 suns its damage gets moderate Cosmic Galaxies - Day 7 Mediocre


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