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NOTICE: Please read our rules. They are important to read if you want to have a good experience on this wiki.

Wiki-wordmark Welcome to PVZCC, which started on April 11, 2011. Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator is a fanon wiki where you can showcase your fan-made plants, zombies, games, features, etc.
We now have a whopping 10,712 ideas in our wiki and 582,778 contributions have been made.

The Plants vs. Zombies franchise is by PopCap and EA Games. All original material from the official PVZ games are property of their owners.

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  • Welcome to the once again alive PVZCC!
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Featured Article: Snap Pea

The Snap Pea shoots a Snapping Pea every five seconds, which does two peas of damage to most Zombies, but when the pea hits headwear or shield Zombies, it will start chewing on the helmet or shield, doing five peas of damage a second, until the helmet or shield is destroyed..
Read more..
Featured User: PunjiChocoBerry

PunjiChocoBerry, formerly known as Punjipoyjeenponja, is an administrator who joined the wiki on December 9th 2011. He won the featured user nominations due to his friendly attitude, great companionship, his artistic skills, and having a creative mind. He has made many pages and is currently working on his game.

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