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Hi, User,
Welcome to Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki,
which started on April 11, 2011. This wiki is for sharing your ideas of your own version of Plants vs. Zombies! We now have a whopping 4,694 articles in our wiki and 220,111 contributions have been made. Thanks for all your contributions!

Disclaimer: Plants vs. Zombies was created by PopCap Games. We just think creatively for new ideas. None of the plants and/or zombies in here are real.

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  • Help vote for our Top 10 Zombie list here. Today is the last day to vote! Actually, we pushed the deadline back to next Sunday. Still, we could really use your votes!

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Areas Peashooting Mushrooms Lobbed Instant kill Weird... Sun Producing Plants

Tips and Tricks

Main article: Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki:Rules
  • Be friendly and don't be rude. Violating rules can result in a block. See the end of this page.
  • If you want to use user's existing plant, zombie, area, etc.; ask permission before using it .
  • Pages that can be used without permission are marked with Free-use template.
  • If you are making a page, please add an infobox, and if possible, a picture.
  • If you have your birthday today, you can tell an admin to put it on here.
  • Please create an account to recognize your work accordingly, and to see if you do good things rather than spamming.
  • Make sure that nobody already has your idea. If yes, don't replace the contents with yours, just fix it.
  • Please put picture if possible. Drawings works too, or just request other people that know how to edit photos to make your photo.
  • If you are creating an area add the name of the place a zombie can eat your brains if you lose.
  • Make sure your ideas make sense and the characters and items are not copyrighted.
  • Please speak English at all times. We can communicate easily if we would.
  • Crossover plants go to the PVZ Crossover Wiki.
  • Do not edit other people's works beyond grammar, spelling and categorizing. That is a very good way to get blocked.
  • Please read the Signature Policy.
  • Don't reveal your age if you are under 13. If you do, you will be asked to remove it because that caused many users to be disabled.
  • Check Community corner on Wiki Activity page to see current community games, contests and services.
  • Custom Color Rule


These are the users with different rights in this wiki. They have different abilities using their rights. They also have corresponding color codes. If the user has more than one right, the higher or highest ranking right is used for the color.

Positions (highest to lowest)

Click on the staff position to see the members (No colors, retired;different colors, won them;colors, still in the postion, might be inactive)

*Staff members with Black Names are inactive.

Block Appealing

If you are ever blocked, please contact a bureaucrat or an admin to discuss it. If what you did was wrong, but forgivable, they can give you an unblock.

Recent Activity

New Ideas


These are the rules. Follow them, or you may get blocked. Admins usually give a warning before block, except in some cases.

(Ban Time depends on how severe it is)

Block means unability to edit articles, and in some cases, full "turn off" to a user.

Rule Definition
Vandalism and Spamming. This is when you make a bunch of nonsensical pages, flood/nuking comments, or making bad edits to a certain page, like adding irrelevant categories.
Swearing, Rudeness, Flamming or Excessive Trolling. Swearing, rudeness and flamming are not tolerated and we want to keep this as family-friendly as possible. Trolling is fine, as long as it doesn't get out of hand or if it breaks one of the rules.
Copyright and Plagiarism. Plagiarism is when you steal someones creation/picture and pass it on as your own. If you want to add something made by another user, please cite their userpage. Copyright is not allowed, as this is a creativity wiki and copyrighting can get into lawsuits (as crazy as it sounds)
Abuse of Power (for staff) Abuse of power is when you use your promotion powers badly, like changing the wikia for no reason, breaking rules, and as well as using "block" or "delete" for nonsensical reasons. This can lead to a demotion and/or block.
Violation of the Terms of Use The Terms of Use are a variety of rules on Wikia that should be followed at all times. Not doing so will result in a block.

Every time you get blocked, your time will increase. After you have been blocked 5 times, you will receive an infinite ban from this wiki.

Remember to report bad edits to admins to overlook what the editor has done and if he/she must be blocked.


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Featured Article

Featured Article: Red Light, Green Light

RLGLicon Red Light, Green Light is a moderately difficult minigame that focuses on the Stoplight Zombie. In this minigame, you get to choose your plants. There are 2 huge waves of zombies. The only zombies that come (except for Zombies and Flag Zombies at every flag) are Stoplight Zombies.

Read more at Red Light, Green Light!

Featured User

Featured User: Milesprower2

70px-5792287.png.jpg Milesprower2 is a chat mod and is also an admin at Plants vs Zombies Wiki. He joined PVZCC as a Rogue Zombie, but registered as a user on November 26, 2012. Since then, he created more than 60 pages comprising of plants, zombies, areas, and game versions. He is completely against unoriginal and overpowered pages.

Know him more at his userpage!

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The poll was created at 19:31 on February 25, 2014, and so far 85 people voted.


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