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Welcome to Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki,
which started on April 11, 2011. Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator is a fanon wiki where you can showcase your fan-made plants, zombies, games, features, etc. We now have a whopping 10,033 ideas in our wiki and 522,696 contributions have been made.

The Plants vs. Zombies franchise is by PopCap and EA Games. All original material from the official PVZ games are property of their owners.

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Main article: Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki:Rules
  • Be friendly and don't be rude. Violating rules can result in a block. See the end of this page.
  • No swearing.
  • If you want to use user's existing plant, zombie, area, etc.; ask permission before using it .
  • Pages that can be used without permission are marked with Free-use template.
  • If you are making a page, please add an infobox, and if possible, a picture.
  • Make sure that nobody already has your idea. If yes, don't replace the contents with yours, just fix it.
  • Please put a picture if possible. Drawings work too, or you can just request to other people that know how to edit photos to make your photo.
  • Make sure your ideas make sense and the characters and items are not copyrighted.
  • Please speak English at all times. We can communicate easily if we would.
  • Crossover creations go to the Plants vs. Zombies Crossover Wiki.
  • Do not edit other people's works beyond grammar, spelling and categorizing.
  • Please read the Signature Policy.
  • You can not join this Wikia (or even have a Wikia account) if you are under 13 due to COPPA. If you are confirmed to be underage, you will be blocked until you are 13.
  • Custom Color Rule


These are the users with different rights in this wiki. They have different abilities using their rights. They also have corresponding color codes. If the user has more than one right, the higher or highest ranking right is used for the color.

Staff Request page is located here.

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Block Appealing

If you are ever blocked, please contact a bureaucrat or an admin to discuss it. If what you did was wrong, but forgivable, they can give you an unblock.

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Featured Article

Featured Article: Snap Pea

SnappeaThe Snap Pea shoots a Snapping Pea every five seconds, which does two peas of damage to most Zombies, but when the pea hits headwear or shield Zombies, it will start chewing on the helmet or shield, doing five peas of damage a second, until the helmet or shield is destroyed. The effect is not cumulative, so multiple snapping peas won't increase this effect.

Read more at the article Snap Pea!

Featured User

Featured User: Mister Stay Puft

Mspavatar2016 Mister Stay Puft, Formerly known as BungeeBlitzed, is a rollback and chat moderator who joined the wiki on April 6th 2014. He won the featured user nominations due to being a great chatmod and comes up with original ideas for his pages and also is doing a great job in improving the wiki. He is a big fan of Ghostbusters, Fairy Tail and TTTE too.

Learn more about him at his userpage!

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What is your favorite classic plant?

The poll was created at 16:39 on April 24, 2016, and so far 103 people voted.


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