Ever wonder if there's gonna be a new song for PVZ? Well I just made a Parody! And everyone can see the lyrics!

Here it is!:

There's a place, some-where,

Where the zombies love to scare,

Near the Graa-veee-yards,

And zombies even play cards there,


In the daaaaaark,

Of the niiiiiight,

Don't Come out ,

You may fiiiiiiiind,

A zombieeeeeeee,

Walking byyy,

Eating Braaaaaaaaains,

Plus with Piiiiiie,

They come, from the undead,

Now they want your brains,

Without asking, without caring, cause they don't, have a brain.

If all days are raaainy,

They'd love to come , Daaily,

Sending you post cards,

Don't accept it,

Don't believe it,

Don't just read it,

Don't reply it,

Use your plants, as defence,

Peashooters as your soldier,

Wall-nuts as walls,

Sunflowers as money maker ,


Plants are friends,


Enough air!

Oh no!

They are here!

Those gray zombies are here!

Yo be continued.

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