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Plants vs. Zombies: Warriors of the City! (RPG)
A sequel to PvZ: DImension Disaster!
2 / 16 / 27 Created by: TheFandomBoy
PvZ: Warriors of the City

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General Info

After FINALLY beating the evil Dr. Zomboss, before he blew up, he unleashed the fabled, "Dimension Portals", and zombies, Crazy zombies, heroes, medieval, even zombies from PvZ 1 and 2, and so much more! Now the unleashed zombies are attacking Suburbia, once that attack was over, the war started. Plants were attacking zombopolis, while zombies were attacking suburbia. Crazy Dave and the new Zombie Commander, Dr. Zomboss Jr, recruited Warrior Generals like Super Brainz and Rose, to lead the battle? Who will win? Which side would you take? Find out now!


This is a free roam MOBA game, kind of like a spin-off for league of legends, dota 2, etc. This game also has different game modes. Some game modes are:

  • Story Mode
  • Gardens and Graveyards
  • Team Deathmatch
  • The Bomb
  • Hostage Situation
  • Team Towers
  • Infected

Character types

  • Warrior
  • Supporter
  • Spell
  • NPC

More Gameplay

During Battle, equip your Warrior you want to play as. Each Warrior has different abilities. Also, each side has currency that you can use to deploy your supporters. Every 3 seconds, you get one of that currency and you hold up to 20 currency. The currency for plants is fertilizer and for zombies, it's brain juice


You can get new supporters, spells, and warriors in packs.

  • Common Pack - A set of 2 common supporters or spells. 20 gems
  • Uncommon Pack - A set of 2 uncommon and 1 common supporters or spells. 50 gems
  • Rare Pack - A set of 1 rare, 3 common, 2 uncommon supporters or spells. Also a small chance to get a warrior. 100 gems
  • thelegend27 pack - A set of 1 legendary, 3 rares, 5 uncommons, and 10 common supporters or spells. Also, a small chance to get a warrior. 500 gems.
  • warrior pack - 3 thelegend27 pack and guaranteed one new warrior. 2000 gems.


Like from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, there were tribes. Here are some new and returning tribes.

  • Beastly
  • Mystic
  • Pea
  • Fire
  • Tricky
  • Flower
  • Nut
  • Fruit
  • Mushroom
  • Gargantuar
  • Gourmet
  • Imp
  • Leafy
  • more tba

Special Features

Some exclusive features in the game unlike any other PvZ game

  • Upgrade - Some plant and upgrade supporters can evolve. They are stronger than their pre-upgrades.
  • Trading - You can trade your supporters, warriors, and more with other players in the game.
  • more tba


Name Picture Type Power-Up Supporter / Spell Ability Unlocked At
HD Goatify (PvZH)
Healer Rose-Flower Plant Turns zombie supporters into goats Rose and flower plants cost less Tutorial
Green Shadow
HD Green Shadow
Offensive Pea-Mystic Plant Can destroy one zombie in one single shot Pea Plants are more powered Tutorial
Spudow Transparent
Defensive Potato Plant Unleashes Potato Mines everywhere Potato Plants have faster recharge Tutorial
Solar Flare
HD Solar Flare
Healing Fire-Flower Plant Has high damage Fertilzer production is x1.5 faster Packs
HD Photo of Wall-Knight from Heroes Site
Defensive Nut Plant Can't be attacked for 15 seconds Nut plants have 1.5x more health Packs
HD Chompzilla
Offensive Beast Plant Destroys a zombie supporter. That zombie supporter cant be respawned or played again for the next minute Beast Plants are faster Packs
HD Citron
Defensive Fruit Plant All plant supporters cant be hurt for 30 seconds Zombies that eat Defensive Team Up Plants get hurt when eating them Packs

only pic i could find. if it is not free use, please comment and i'll take it off.

Offensive Mushroom Plant Spawns 5 Poison Shrooms Mushroom plants have stronger special abilities Packs
Grass Knuckles
Another HD Grass Knuckles
Offensive leafy plant Attacks with medium damage to a group of zombie supporters Offensive plants special abilites are longer Packs
Captain Combustible
HD Captain Combustible
Offensive Tree-Fire Plant Turns one supporter into a legendary Fire plants are slower, but have much higher damage Packs
HD Super Brainz PvZ H
Offensive Super Zombie Makes all zombie supporters faster Brain Juice Production is x1.5 faster Tutorial
Electric Boogaloo
HD Electric Boogaloo
Healing Dancing Zombie Destroys a plant supporter and heals self Dancing zombies are x2 faster Tutorial
The Smash
HD Photo of The Smash from Heroes Site
Defensive Gargantuar Zombie Destroys a plant supporter and spawns crazy imps Offensive zombies are stronger, but slower Tutorial
A PVZH Z Imp@3x
Defensive Imp Zombie Spawns a troop of low-health but strong impfinity clones All imp zombies cost -1 less Packs
HD Photo of Rustbolt from Heroes Site

only pic i could find. cant download pics because low memory ;-;

Defensive Science Zombie Makes a group of plants weaker Science Zombies have more health Packs
HD Photo of Brain Freeze from Heroes Site
Offensive Gargantuar Zombie Freezes all plants for 15 seconds Gargantuar zombies have a small chance to freeze a supporter or plant warrior once hitting them Packs
HD Photo of Neptuna from Heroes Site
Defensive Water Zombie All zombies hide in gravestones for 30 seconds Water Zombies have stronger special abilites Packs
HD Photo of Immorticia from Heroes Site
Healing Mystic Zombie Spawns a swarm of high health but low damage bats Mystic Zombies are boosted while mystic plants are debuffed Packs
HD ZMech
Offensive Robot Zombie Does medium damage to all plant supporters Fertilizer production is x1.5 slower Packs
Proffesor Brainstorm
HD Photo of Professor Brainstorm from Heroes Site
Defensive Tricky Zombie Spawns 5 random supporters from the game Plant Warrior's spells cost +1 more Packs


Name Picture Type Ability Unlocked At Rarity
The Leaf
Free plant
Healer Leaf Plant Healing spells have faster recharge The beginning when you have to pick one of the three starting plant warriors if rose was chosen Common
Free plant -2
Defensive Ice-Nut Plant Ice Plants near this are stronger and this has high health The beginning when you have to pick one of the three starting plant warriors if green shadow was chosen Common
Red Gnimbler
SquashCake Plant Fusion
Offensive Beast Plant Beast Supporters or spells cost -1 less fertilizer The beginning when you have to pick one of the three starting plant warriors if spudow was chosen Common
Free plant
Offensive-Defensive Ghost Plant Scares zombies, flinching them for 2 seconds and bites them quick with light damage Packs Common
Defensive Nut Plant Has x2 health as a wall nut Packs Common
Fire Egg-nuts

credit to whitepeashooter for pic!


Fire Nut Plant

Fire plants near it become stronger Packs Uncommon
470px-Peashooter HD
Offensive Professional Plant N / A Tutorial pack Common
Toxic Beet
Free plant -1
Offensive Beet Plant High Attack Packs Uncommon

credit to whitepeashooter for pic :D

Healer Plant Heals plants near it from time to time and has more healing for mushrooms Packs Uncommon
Orange Flag Acid

more credit to whitepeashooter

Offensive-Defensive Plant Has x2 health as a normal plant and regains health, and also shoots light acid fast Packs Uncommon
163px-Sunflower HD
Healer Flower-Professional Plant Fertilizer Production is x1.2 Faster late game and heals your supporters Tutorial Pack Common
Defensive Fruit Plant When zombies destroy this, an army of grapes spawn Packs Uncomon
Offensive Pea Plant If this destroys a zombie, this gives you 5 gems Packs Rare


Name Picture Type Ability Unlocked At Side Cost Rarity
Quick Heal
Rose medical
Healing Spell Heals all your supporters and Warrior for 10% The beginning when you have to pick one of the three starting plant warriors if rose was chosen Both 4 Common
Beastly Bites
Three-Heaed Chomper (PvZ2)
Offensive Beast Spell Sends out three 3-headed chompers The beginning when you have to pick one of the three starting plant warriors if spudow was chosen Plants 4 Common
Defensive Spell Makes all supporters stronger for a few seconds The beginning when you have to pick one of the three starting plant warriors if green shadow was chosen Both 4 Common
Balloon Bash
Balloon zombie
Offensive Balloon Spell All zombie supporters get balloons and cant be hurt for 5 seconds Packs Zombies 6 Rare
Offensive Fruit Plant Spell Does light damage to a small group of zombie supporters Packs Plants 5 Uncommon
Zoom Zoom
Lightning Asset
Elemental Booster Spell Fertilizer / Brain Juice Production is x2 Faster! Packs Both 20 Legendary
Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel New Premium Seed Packet
Defensive Mystic Spell All zombie supporters turn into weak puff-shrooms and go to your side Packs Plants 10 Legendary
Ghost Pepper
Ghost Pepper.PVZ2
Defensive Mystic Spell Makes a group of zombies scared, and which makes them weaker Packs Plants 7 Super Rare


Name Picture Type Significance
Travel Log HD
Quest Guy Thing Complete his / her quests and get rewards!
Joe (merchant in pvzwotc)
Pack Merchant (who wouldnt trust a business man with thumbs up?) Sells Limited Time Packs
Trophy Man
Achievement Guy Thing Achievements now give rewards! Gems for packs coins, and zen garden Boosters!
Penny... Is Just Penny.... Notifies you if theres anything in the zen garden, new quests, etc


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  • Bonkchoy7 (Used his free plants)
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