Planteater Zombie
Planteater zombie
Planteater Zombie flies over your defenses to eat every plant he comes across.
Type: Flying Zombie
Toughness: Unknown
Cost: 100 Sun
Weakness: Cattail, Cactus, Blover
Special: Flies over your plants, eats every plant on his path

The Planteater Zombies flies over your lawn, eating every plant on it's path. Detailing, they fly over like Balloon Zombie, but instead reaching to the end, if not killed they will constantly eat the plant that is below him. His eating speed is the same as a common zombie, and when his balloon is popped, he will always disappear (like the balloon zombie when crossing water) - That's the reason why it's toughness is unknown. After eating they will move forward for the next plant. They don't target your house, as after they ate the last plant on the lane, they'll just fly over your house. Also they can be easy killed by blover. As they are weak, they usually come in groups.


This zombie is pretty easy to defeat. Just make sure you have brought Cattail/Cactus and/or Blover (or any other anti-air).

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