Health :

Unlimited (Can be killed by Jalapeno Zombies' Explosion )

Damage :

4 normal damage per second (per Pearanha)

Cost :

300 sun

Pearanha is a cross between a Piranha and a Peashooter. Unlike other Pea-plants, they don't have a stem and can ONLY be planted on water or underwater. And unlike the other Pea-plants too, the Pearanha does not shoot. Instead, it attacks the zombies that are closest to you. The Pearanhas does not dissapear unlike other projectile as it will nibble the targetted zombie doing 4 normal damage per second, probably since it is the plant. They also cannot be killed by bites since this time, the Plants bite the Zombies, except if there is a Jalapeno Zombie. If you plant more Pearanhas, they will form a school with the other planted Pearanhas and do more damage per second to zombies. The Pearanhas will swim to the targetted zombies and spin around it forming a Pearanha tornado. The tornado will move as the zombies move towards the house. Pearanhas don't take any space since it moves around the area. Although, the maximum number of Pearanhas are 20.


  • This is the first plant created at PVZCC wiki that does not take any space.

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